Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Remote Assistance in Microsoft Windows XP

Remote assistance is once of remote tools that is provided by Microsoft which is used to support user. Persons can use Remote Assistance in Windows XP to support user, in this case we assume that we use connection by email, in one network connection Domain Controller (ie. MS Outlook with Microsoft Exchange Server,and Lotus Notes).
From Windows XP, click Remote Assistance.
And then click Invites someone to help.

For this requests, we can invite user by using Windows Messenger or email, and once again in this case we use this tools by email in one network list.
Type an e-mail address, and click Invite this person

Then type the name and message as notification invitation to continue.
Set the time invitation to expire. It means that to lessen the someone gain access to your computer, and give the limited time the recipient can accept the Remote Assistance invitation. Specify the duration this invitation.

Give the require the recipient to use a password. But do not use the network Windows logon password. Type the password (ie. : testing), send the invitation and inform to recipient the password, so the recipient can open it.

The Recipient will accept email with attachment file from the user who has sent the invitation, and then open it with the password which has informed by user.
After that recipient can remote user and take control his computer until the time limited