Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Security log on this system is full in Windows XP

Sometimes when we want to login windows XP there is a notification the security log on this system is full. Only Administrator can log on to fix the problem. The other user cannot logon to the windows, as picture below.

To solve this problem, we need user Administrator and Password (for this computer)to logon windows. Then Right click at My Computer > Manage, there is display Computer Management. Click System Tools > Event Viewer.

Then right click on Security > Clear all Events.

Choose No, if there is notification to save.

And then the system will clear all logs at event viewer.
Restart the computer and try to login with other user name.
Lets see the result is success.


Thursday, October 30, 2008

Install Printer at Windows Server

Actulaly print processing only can be done at the printer that connects to computer where we work, but by computer network print processing also can be done by using :
- Print Server : Printer that connects to server.
- Remote Printer : Printer that is installed at computer workstation.
- Network Printer : Printer that has a NIC (Network Interface Card), so can be installed directly to computer.

How to install printer in Windows Server :
1. From Start > Setting > Printer
2. Double click at Add Printer, click Next Choose Local Printer and click Next
3. If printer does not support plug and play, that shows the printer cannot detect automatic, then click Next

And then there will be port display wizard for the printer.
Choose the printer port (LPT1 - LPT3), choose LPT1 and click Next
Choose the type of printer (ie.: stylus 800 esc/p2), click Next
At the Option, choose Share As, type the name of printer.At the Display box, type Location and Comment, click Next

And there is a question to test print or not
Choose No, then Finish

Give Access Printer to User
From Start > Setting > Printer
Right click Printer > Properties
At the Properties, choose Security Tab > Remove everyone group
Click Add, Select computers or groups
Choose groups then click Add >> OK
Give the default access > Print
then OK


Monday, October 20, 2008

Speed UP Computer's StartUP in Windows XP

Sometimes we experience that our computer takes a long time to get start up, and need times to open Windows program. The cause is, that there are many application programs in our computer which running together.

Please be noted that start up is nothing but the programs that load automatically when windows running to start up and makes the PC is slow during start.
Most of us do not want many of the programs to load during the start.

Actually two ways to clear speed up computer startup:
First, from Start Menu -> click on All programs -> click on startup
Second, from Start Menu click on Run and write msconfig and then press Enter.

A Dialog box System Configuration Utility opens.
Click on Startup tab, Now click on Disable all or select your choice for your convenience then Press Ok

A new dialog box opens, to let effect take place Click on Restart
After restarting, you will see that the start up of your computer is better than before.
Goodluck and try it.