Thursday, October 30, 2008

Install Printer at Windows Server

Actulaly print processing only can be done at the printer that connects to computer where we work, but by computer network print processing also can be done by using :
- Print Server : Printer that connects to server.
- Remote Printer : Printer that is installed at computer workstation.
- Network Printer : Printer that has a NIC (Network Interface Card), so can be installed directly to computer.

How to install printer in Windows Server :
1. From Start > Setting > Printer
2. Double click at Add Printer, click Next Choose Local Printer and click Next
3. If printer does not support plug and play, that shows the printer cannot detect automatic, then click Next

And then there will be port display wizard for the printer.
Choose the printer port (LPT1 - LPT3), choose LPT1 and click Next
Choose the type of printer (ie.: stylus 800 esc/p2), click Next
At the Option, choose Share As, type the name of printer.At the Display box, type Location and Comment, click Next

And there is a question to test print or not
Choose No, then Finish

Give Access Printer to User
From Start > Setting > Printer
Right click Printer > Properties
At the Properties, choose Security Tab > Remove everyone group
Click Add, Select computers or groups
Choose groups then click Add >> OK
Give the default access > Print
then OK


Monday, October 20, 2008

Speed UP Computer's StartUP in Windows XP

Sometimes we experience that our computer takes a long time to get start up, and need times to open Windows program. The cause is, that there are many application programs in our computer which running together.

Please be noted that start up is nothing but the programs that load automatically when windows running to start up and makes the PC is slow during start.
Most of us do not want many of the programs to load during the start.

Actually two ways to clear speed up computer startup:
First, from Start Menu -> click on All programs -> click on startup
Second, from Start Menu click on Run and write msconfig and then press Enter.

A Dialog box System Configuration Utility opens.
Click on Startup tab, Now click on Disable all or select your choice for your convenience then Press Ok

A new dialog box opens, to let effect take place Click on Restart
After restarting, you will see that the start up of your computer is better than before.
Goodluck and try it.


Saturday, October 18, 2008

Setting POP3 Yahoo Mail at Microsoft Outlook Express

Yahoo mail's user can receive and send email by using Microsoft Outlook Express.
It is necessary to make configuration in Outlook Express before using it. So far the domain of yahoo mail can use with and

Step by step to configure POP3 in MS Outlook Express :
1. From Tools, choose “Accounts.”
2. On tab “Mail.”
3. Click “Add”.
4. From Menu Add, click “Mail.”
5. At display name, type your name and click “Next.”
6. At email address, type (“”) and click “Next.”
7. At “My incoming mail server is a…” choose “POP3.”
8. Type “” at Incoming Mail (POP3, IMAP, atau HTTP) Server.
9. Type “” at Outgoing Mail (SMTP) Server.
10. Click “Next.”
11. At Account Name, type ID (email address without “”).
12. At Password, Type your yahoo mail password.
13. If you want the Outlook Express automatic open with your password, check list at “Remember password.”
14. Don’t check list at “Log on using Secure…”
15. Click “Next.”
16. “Finish.”

Setting SMTP to authenticate the yahoo mail server
1. From menu Tools, choose “Accounts.”
2. On tab “Mail.”
3. Double click the label account “”
4. Choose tab “Servers.”
5. Checklist “My Server Requires Authentication.”
6. Then “OK.”

Manage document from Sever mail deletion :
1. From menu Tools, choose “Accounts.”
2. Choose tab “Mail.”
3. Double click at label account “”
4. Choose tab “Advanced.”
5. At Delivery, checklist “Leave a copy of messages on server” if wants to save documents, let this option if documents will be deleted from Yahoo mail.

Setting port for SMTP mail, to send and receive documents
1. From menu Tools, choose “Accounts.”
2. Choose POP Yahoo and click “Properties.”
3. Click tab “Advanced.”
4. For “Outgoing server (SMTP), change port 25 to 465
5. And then “Apply,”, click “OK” and “Close”

For incoming mail Server (POP3):
Use SSL, port: 995

For outgoing mail server (SMTP):
Use SSL, port: 465, use authentication

Goodluck and try it.


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Remote Assistance in Microsoft Windows XP

Remote assistance is once of remote tools that is provided by Microsoft which is used to support user. Persons can use Remote Assistance in Windows XP to support user, in this case we assume that we use connection by email, in one network connection Domain Controller (ie. MS Outlook with Microsoft Exchange Server,and Lotus Notes).
From Windows XP, click Remote Assistance.
And then click Invites someone to help.

For this requests, we can invite user by using Windows Messenger or email, and once again in this case we use this tools by email in one network list.
Type an e-mail address, and click Invite this person

Then type the name and message as notification invitation to continue.
Set the time invitation to expire. It means that to lessen the someone gain access to your computer, and give the limited time the recipient can accept the Remote Assistance invitation. Specify the duration this invitation.

Give the require the recipient to use a password. But do not use the network Windows logon password. Type the password (ie. : testing), send the invitation and inform to recipient the password, so the recipient can open it.

The Recipient will accept email with attachment file from the user who has sent the invitation, and then open it with the password which has informed by user.
After that recipient can remote user and take control his computer until the time limited

Monday, October 13, 2008

Windows Cannot Connect to Domain Controller

When we have pc client that is a member of Domain Controller, and tried to connect Domain Controller, we have problem like :
"Windows can not connect to the domain, either the domain controller is down
or otherwise unavailable or because your computer account was not found".

How to solve this problem ???

First, check the DNS of PC Client, that it must same with Domain Controller, and test to ping Domain Controller. When we have replied it from DC, it means that there is no problem with network connection between DC and PC Client.

Login to server DC with Administrator, then check the computer name of the PC Client at Server, if the PC client's name was registered or not. If the PC is registered at server DC, try to rename it or change computer (pc client) directly.
To change computer name : Right Click at my computer
Choose Tab Computer Name
Click Change
Type Computer Name (with new one)

After that, Restart the computer and try to Join Domain, with the existing computer name. That is way how to solve the problem.
Goodluck and try it.

Error Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer is one of internet browser that is include when we installed Microsoft Windows as Operating System in our computer. But sometimes we are experiencing the problem when we are trying to open Internet Explorer, the error is :
The instructions at "0x7d6b5136" referenced memory at "0x00000024". The memory could not be " read"
Click on OK to terminate the program
Click on CANCEL to debug the program

How to solve this problem :

Open IE browser

Tools > Manage Add-ons > Enable or Disable Add-ons

..... and disable all toolbars any any other crap you know you will not need (i.e. Yahoo Messenger).

Restart IE

and the problem is solve

That is the simple way how to troubleshoot about error in IE